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Neon Project

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What is a Neon idea ?

It is a pioneering idea at the universities and academic levels, targeting the youth category and extracting their ideas through a competition on social media, through which the company can market itself without the need for financing costs in the early steps of the project.

And contain successful ideas in the field of business, and take advantage of any current or future returns, and on the other hand it gives an innovative and creative space for students, knowing that the terms and conditions of Tokyo will apply.

Work stages

Third stage

a- Gather ideas that got the approval of the committee or got more interaction and put them in the special voting feature on Facebook.

b- Post these ideas on the website included with the names of the people and introduce the idea of the project.

First stage

a- Initially, the details of the idea for each project will be presented separately in a post on the social media of Tokyo Corporation

b- A specific period of time is specified for the first step, in which the participants are individuals or groups according to the rules of the competition attached successively.

c- Then establishing a website to display all ideas and projects and publish it on all social media sites.

d- The possibility of organizing events in which we present the idea and introduce the company.

Fourth stage

a- Selecting a certain number of projects that received the highest voting percentage in the third stage.

b- Promoting it through social media and the idea website.

c- Signing contracts with the owners of these projects so that the contract is at the level of the project itself according to the rules for the competition and according to the terms and conditions of the Tokyo company, which are attached successively.

Second stage

a- After the expiration of the period proposed for the first step, the votes are counted (by number of likes) and based on the percentage of voting.

b- All successful projects are submitted to a committee from Tokyo Corporation, and the group of projects is presented to the Facebook voting feature (social media).

c- The committee selects the ideas that are most pioneering or have a voting percentage, and deports the ideas that were chosen for the third stage of work.

d- All of the above is within a specific time frame in which all the company terms and conditions apply.

Competition rules

- Competition participant individuals and groups.

- The idea is presented at the level of universities and educational centers.

- All terms and conditions are committed it by tokio software company.

- Each project owner whose idea has succeeded is required to abide by the contract concluded between the two parties according to the laws and regulations in force in the company.

- All returns on the project in the event of its success, whether in its time or in the future, is shared by the Tokyo company and the owner of the project, within the proportions agreed upon in the contract.

- If the project succeeds, the company will be compensated with a percentage of its marketing costs.

- The project owner is committed to subordinating the project to Tokyo and maintains ownership of the idea in accordance with the terms and conditions.

- If the idea succeeds, it is forbidden to give the idea to other parties, and its dependency remains with the Tokyo company.

Target group

1- University students and educational academies in the same field

2- Entrepreneur ideas can participate in the competition


1- Social Media

2- website specials by idea

3- Organized advertising campaigns through a specialized team in the company

4- Organizing events known as the company and the idea.

Examples of work steps

My friend Renad and I am, we have an idea for the application of (electronic commerce)

I am a programmer and my friend is a graphic designer. We will implement the project by working together and drafting a special documentation in which he knows. We will communicate with the Tokyo Company through social networking sites to present our project idea. The company will start promoting the project idea on social media if it succeeds.

In the first stage, it is presented to the committee and passes through all the stages according to what was previously mentioned.

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